I love it when couples do their wedding in their own unique way. That's what Camilla & Øystein did! Just listen to this: Beautiful church ceremony and dinner with family in the city, boat out to an island, cakes/dancing/good times with friends & family all afternoon, jazzy live big band, send old people home at 11PM, DJ gets the dance floor going, roasted bbq lamb on a spit at 3AM. Needless to say this was a blast being a part of, and I'm so excited to share the images with you guys. 

Also worth mentioning is the choir that Camilla and Øystein used to be a part of. They had invited the whole lot of them to their wedding and they really made the day even more special. They were ready with beautiful songs for just about every part of the day; the ceremony, the arrival on the island, the 'sending off' of the "old people" at night and so forth. 

The ceremony was held in Skien Kirke which is over 120 years old, and so beautiful, and the "wedding-island" was a small island called Klokkerholmen just outside of Brevik. An island that is owned by the city and used for elementary school camps .

Check out the images below:


Watch Camilla & Øysteins slideshow below: