/ who am I?

Hi there, my name is Vegard. I'm married to the love of my life and we have 2 little boys. My family and I live in Norway, where many of the weddings I photograph take place. I love Norway (no it's not always cold here), and I also love to travel the world. I like to think of myself as a wandering wedding photographer, and I'll gladly fly across the world to be a part of your wedding day.

I am extremely grateful for all you couples who put your trust in me and allow me to step in to this beautiful day of yours. Your wedding is 100% about you, your love and your family & friends, and it is an honor to be asked to be there with you.

My approach to creating images from your wedding is raw, authentic and artistic. I always try to connect in a deeper way with the two of you, to tell the whole story of your wedding day and your relationship through these images.

I love the nervousness and beauty of the ceremony, the adventure and calmness of the portraits, and the words, emotions, tears and laughter of the celebration. I think marriage is a beautiful thing! And your wedding day is just the beginning of a life full of so much love, awesomeness and all kinds of beautiful moments.