Such amazing images Vegard! Thank you so much. We’re blown away by the fact that you have managed to document EVERYTHING, and I’m so surprised that you’ve been so close to so many situations without me noticing you. Thank you so much, you’ve made sure that we can relive this day again and again! 
— Kaia & Matias

What a beautiful slideshow and amazing images!! I got tears in my eyes from watching it, and we were both reminded of what an amazing day we had.
— Mette & Magnus

Truly thanks for making the day so excellent. We didn’t expect this much, and the time with you was one of the best moments in our life.
— Michelle & Simon, Hong Kong (elopement)

Literally burst out in joy seeing the pictures! This is AMAZING! You are amazing!
— Jillian & Jason, Malaysia (elopement)

We’re more than happy! Thank you so much for your time and these beautiful images of this special moment in our lives!
— Steffi & Benni, Germany (elopement)
steffi benni.jpg

The pictures are so, so perfect Vegard. Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer, and for giving us what we were dreaming about.
— Susanne & Martin

Thank you so much for the chance to relive our big day. You did an amazing job and we are both super happy with the pictures.
— Marthe & Lasse Johan

Thank you so much for such amazing images! 😍😍😍 I don’t know how many times I’ve looked through them the last 24 hours, but not few! 😂 You have allowed us to relive the day through your images. Thank you so much!
— Kine & Andreas

Thank you! We had a great day, and looking at the slideshow brought us right back to this magical day.
Thank you for a wonderful experience! Can’t wait to receive the rest of the photos!
— Hilde & Haralad