A couple months ago, Joseph and Jia Yan contacted me looking for a photographer for their pre wedding photoshoot in Lofoten. If you haven't heard about Lofoten, you will want to go after seeing how amazing it is :) Lofoten is a bunch of epic islands in Northern Norway with the most insane fjords and mountains you've ever seen. With lovely people, midnight sun in the summer, and northern lights in the winter, you can't go wrong when visiting!

These two amazing people came all the way from Singapore to experience Lofoten and to take their wedding pictures, and I really felt honored that they wanted me to help them. They were the most friendly, funny, fabulous people, and we had a blast driving to a couple different locations to make our images, scouting together, eating together and enjoying the stunning views together.

I'd love to do this again, and I'm hoping this is the start of many a journey to far-away places with adventurous couples!