elopement norway
The photos are STUNNING! We cannot thank you enough for capturing the memories. Norway was an amazing trip and we’re lucky to have made a friend in you. Wishing you and your adorable family all the best.
— Tiffany & Tui (elopement)

Truly thanks for making the day so excellent. We didn’t expect this much, and the time with you was one of the best moments in our life.
— Michelle & Simon, Hong Kong (elopement)

Literally burst out in joy seeing the pictures! This is AMAZING! You are amazing!
— Jillian & Jason, Malaysia (elopement)

We’re more than happy! Thank you so much for your time and these beautiful images of this special moment in our lives!
— Steffi & Benni, Germany (elopement)
steffi benni.jpg

The pictures are so, so perfect Vegard. Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer, and for giving us what we were dreaming about.
— Susanne & Martin